Our Products:

The BANANA EXPRESS fruits are picked out on a daily basis, packed in duly cleaned plastic cases and acclimatized in modern cooling chambers. The process from harvesting to shelf displaying in supermarkets takes less than 24 hours, propitiating to consumers the enjoyment of fresh, nutritious and tasteful fruit of the finest quality.

The company cultivates Pacovan, Terra (plantains) and the subgroup Prata bananas. New cultivars are being researched and will be available to consumers in the short term.

Due to the top quality of BANANA EXPRESS products, the fruit is sold to wholesalers in the region and mainly to retail outlet networks, thus directly meeting the need of consumers.

Oito Porcos Farm, São  Vicente Ferrer/PE  -  Phone: +55 (81) 3655-1157  -  contato@bananaexpress.com.br
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