BANANA EXPRESS is the registered mark of bananas produced in some farms, in the Zona da Mata of Pernambuco, traditional cultivation area of bananas, mainly for small producers.

Focused with the local development, characterized by a favorable climate for quality fruits production, the Banana Express it selected and converting their best areas for bananas cultivation in organic system production.

A production of Bananas Express in the organic system is fruit of a valuable partnership with international renowned certificators, like IMO-Control (Ecological Market Institute).

The Organic Bananas Express are cultivated with modern overhead irrigations, aiming at the use of energy in a maintainable way and the preservation of soils and the water's East.
The control of curses is made using ecological practices, and the fruits are picked in a careful way and transported immediately for the Brazilian Northeast main cities.

The Organic Bananas Express are cultivated just using natural inputs and taking advantage of the interaction of the plants with the ecosystem where the company is inserted.

In that way the company looks for to serve as model for the maintainable development in the area, through the development and popularization of preservation environmental technologies, without neglecting the quality production of bananas.

All the production is monitored and inspected by external auditors, with the objective of taking to the consumers a healthy product, high nutritional value and that assists to the most demanding palates.

If you are looking for healthy products, accessible and with the best quality, don't stop trying the Organic Bananas Express.

To find delicious recipes produced with the Bananas Express, click here(only in portuguese-br) and know more than 250 tasty ways to preparing one of the marvels of the tropical world: the Organic Bananas Express.

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